We make sales people better using game based techniques that stimulate engagement, make progress clearer and improve the quality of selling.

We have assessed sales pipeline for tens of thousands of opportunities in business-to-business sales environments in companies like O2 Telefónica, Three and IDG. We are applying the insight to make better sales people.

The solution is built on salesforce.com's platform so is secure and scalable. We are committed to improving the performance of sales teams using smart approaches. We work with companies with over 10 sales reps. Customers see performance improvement because the level and type of effort by different sales teams and individuals is understood better and benchmarked. 

Individual sales people can see their level of effort and the effectiveness of it. This is presented in a stimulating way to encourage either more effort or better quality work depending on the individual sales person's needs.

Customers quickly see cleaner sales pipeline and better management of individual opportunities. This can be demonstrated within a 30 day free trial. 

PipelineCheck offers a quick way of assessing the credibility of sales pipeline and understanding the effectiveness of sales people
— Charles Stevenson, IDG Business Systems Manager

What We've Achieved

  • Tens of thousands of opportunities analyzed and graded.
  • Hours per week per rep of time eliminated on pipeline that was not credible.
  • Double digit increases in revenue.
  • Increased effort on real opportunities.
  • Hundreds of business-to-business sales reps helped. 
  • Improvements in CRM adoption.
  • Elimination of spreadsheet validation.
  • Objective assessment of sales pipeline for sales reps and managers.