What can salespeople do to win more?

The obvious answers are increase deal size, shorten the sales cycle, improve win rates and get more pipeline. It sounds easy! You know that it is not easy. These things take time and they take effort.

Good salespeople and leaders evaluate themselves continuously. Asking;

Do you have enough pipeline?
Are you engaged enough with accounts, contacts and opportunities on your territory?
Are you as effective as other reps for the effort that you are making?

Pipeline Fitness Indicator

 Number of opportunities by Fitness Status. 

Number of opportunities by Fitness Status. 

PipelineCheck Original monitors the fitness of sales pipeline continuously by scoring effort with the related accounts, contacts and opportunities.

Don't run out of pipeline before you engage with softer opportunities.

Don't wait for your manager to tell you there is a problem with some of the opportunities in your pipeline.

Know the work that went into previously successful opportunities and see how your current pipeline compares.

PipelineCheck does that for you.

pipelinecheck improves sales fitness by working by measuring effort and its effect continuously.

It looks for opportunities that are in good shape and others that need more work. It helps salespeople and managers decide which opportunities are fit enough to close soon.

If salespeople are over-exerting themselves on some opportunities it might be time to move on or at least re-qualify and consider channeling your efforts elsewhere.

 Opportunity Fitness Indicators: Effort, close date and stage measurements.

Opportunity Fitness Indicators: Effort, close date and stage measurements.


Productivity Matrix

The health of individual opportunities is important but so is understanding the overall drivers for performance. Sales reps want to know the reasons for their performance.  Is it the effort they are making or the effectiveness of what they do? The productivity matrix is for reps who want to understand their performance in terms of the inputs and the effectiveness of those inputs. The  traditional sales leader board just reflects the outcomes. 


At last, a way to clearly see what drives sales success - working hard or working smart, or both.


  • Sales reps lead improvement
  • Performance drivers are clear
  • Managers coach more effectively
  • Inputs and outputs are understood
The lucky, lazy, busy fools and true stars stand out
I can track what other reps are doing and how it contributes to their success so I can emulate the best reps.


  • Insight and activity that close deals are identified
  • CRM fields and activities are scored
  • Better adoption and engagement is recognised
  • Opportunity target scores show deals that need attention
  • Sales rep scores show effort and effect across pipeline
  • Individual rep and team performance is compared
  • Insight is captured and shared by the best reps

Do you want to Make Sales people better?


"PipelineCheck.com has taken the guesswork out of forecasting , through a combination of gamification,  an in-depth understanding of psychology of selling and some clever programming PipelineCheck.com has saved three hours per person per week."

- Markus Lloyd : Head of O2 Sales Analytics

"Pipeline Check offers a quick way of assessing the credibility of sales pipeline and understanding the effectiveness of sales people"

- Charles Stevenson, IDG Business Systems Manager



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