PipelineCheck works with large enterprise customers using salesforce.com in the UK and Ireland who are struggling to get consistent usage of salesforce.com. They are not able to properly assess pipeline or sales performance. They are spending large sums on salesforce.com without having the core sales cloud functionality used optimally.

Senior sales leaders need to be able to use salesforce.com to make tactical and strategic decisions for the business. 

Sales organisations need to set standards for how salesforce.com is to be used. Everyone needs to understand the insight being sought.  The data entered needs to support that insight.

Salespeople need to be able to see the genuine effort levels on opportunities by themselves and colleagues so they can learn from others.

PipelineCheck helps in three ways.

1) Supporting senior sales leaders tactical and strategic decision-making.

2) Setting standards for how salesforce.com is to be used

3) Getting salespeople aligned to strategy and salesforce.com

We have strategic relationship with large organisations that spans sales strategy, pipeline and sales performance reviews and CRM usage.  We have close, regular, senior contact and on-going, pervasive relationships throughout the sales organisation.

We have multi-year engagements with clients as part of a managed service.

What do we do?

  • Review of salesforce.com configuration to see that is supports sales strategy
  • Scoring of key fields and activities
  • Analysis of previous wins/loses and comparison to open pipeline
  • Setting of targets for improvement
  • Setting standards for salesforce.com usage (per tab, record type, process)
  • Monthly pipeline reviews
  • Quarterly performance reviews
  • Maintenance of scoring and reports and dashboards