PipelineCheck Original is the fitness app for business-to-business sales teams using salesforce.com who want to become more data-centric, make better, faster decisions and improve their sales fitness.

  • reducE resistance to sharing data

  • reducE subjective assessment of performance

  • benchmark engagement on accounts, contacts & opportunities

  • increasE effort and its effectiveness by focusing on real pipeline


Unlike other analytics or gamification tools it puts salespeople at the heart of the solution.


As sales leaders you...


Understand the effort behind historic performance (good or bad)


Formulate strategy with data centric decisions


But how do you do it without...


the data to objectively assess salespeople

defined milestones for the development of salespeople


What if you could have...


    Faster, better decision making

A clear development framework for managers and salespeople

increased Sales effort and effectiveness

 Opportunities in different fitness zones

Opportunities in different fitness zones

 Salespeople in different fitness zones

Salespeople in different fitness zones

PipelineCheck Original

  • Encourages sales people to keep opportunities actively engaged to drive up more use of the CRM and better retention of data for the company by scoring the effort on opportunities 

  • Helps to identify performance issues and failures to execute strategy. Discovering more about the detail and quality of sales effort improves the insight captured in the CRM system.

  • The push for data makes it easier to assess salespeople objectively. The goal is not to drive up effort to infinity. It is to capture real effort and to identify the optimum allocation of that effort.

  • Current pipeline is cleaned quickly and real deals get the focus they deserve. Shortfalls in pipeline are filled by new pipeline generation effort.

  • PipelineCheck Original identifies the right level or "peak level" of effort on opportunities for salespeople in particular roles. It could involve more sustained effort for longer on opportunities or short bursts of effort on more opportunities.

  • Traffic light analysis of CRM data tells sales leaders where there are failures to execute sales strategy on particular opportunities or by particular salespeople or teams.

  • Salespeople can improve their sales fitness level with clear guidance in terms of effort and the quality of that effort

  • Bad CRM habits are identified and quantified easily so that the quality of the CRM data is maintained and it supports better, faster decision making.

  • Clear expectations are set and communicated for the level of information that is retained within the company with a fitness tracker on opportunities

  • Managers and salespeople get clear about what is expected of them now and in the future by benchmarking and targeted improvement.

 Areas to address on opportunities

Areas to address on opportunities


PipelineCheck works with some of the largest (and best) sales teams in the United Kingdom and Ireland to improve their CRM capabilities and sales fitness.

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