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light up oppportunities using hundreds of signals in your CRM system.



PipelineCheck offers;

  1. Validation of opportunities based on engagement
  2. Pipeline credibility reports
  3. Opportunity credibility indicator 
  4. Insight and activity scoring of direct and indirect activity
  5. Over 10,000 hours of analyzing CRM data and sales behaviours
  6. 50,0000 opportunities integrity checked and graded for credibility
  7. Experienced former management team
  8. Hundreds of sales reps in small to large market segments
  9. Potential for double digit increases in revenue
  10. Security of platform
Requires Professional Edition or above. By clicking submit you accept the terms and conditions for the free Pipeline Check.




" has taken the guesswork out of forecasting , through a combination of gamification,  an in-depth understanding of psychology of selling and some clever programming has saved three hours per person per week."
- Markus Lloyd : Head of O2 Sales Analytics
"Pipeline Check offers a quick way of assessing the credibility of sales pipeline and understanding the effectiveness of sales people"
- Charles Stevenson, IDG Business Systems Manager



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