Webinar: "Salespeople & CRM Systems"

Making the two work together

September 21st, 2017 at 3:00pm BST (UK & Ireland) / 10:00am EST (US)

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Learn how to increase revenue by aligning sales strategy, CRM systems and salespeople.

This is a live webinar where questions are encouraged. 

PipelineCheck's CEO will show on this webinar:

  • how to align CRM to the business model
  • identify causation
  • the importance of consistency for data centricity 
  • spot the key difference between bad and good reps
  • improve everyone's performance
  • encourage a learning environment

Fiachra, CEO of PipelineCheck, has worked with large and small salesforce.com customers on aligning salesforce.com to strategic objectives. He worked at salesforce.com for 10 years as EMEA VP of Sales prior to founding PipelineCheck.

A pre-recorded talk on the same topic is available below.


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Presentation title:
CRM analysts are from Mars, salespeople are from Venus.

Salespeople and leaders are striving to be more data-centric but there are huge gaps in CRM data. Fiachra will outline a principles-based approach to getting salespeople to use CRM systems consistently so that the data can be used meaningfully.

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Managing Sales Pipeline

Webinar: "Inside sales the salesforce.com way"

May 25th, 2017 at 3:00pm BST (UK & Ireland) / 10:00am EST (US)


The webinar introduces participants to winning approaches for;

  • Hiring for inside sales
  • Deciding territories
  • Lead generation & management
  • Qualifying for volume and value
  • Discovering problems
  • Establishing value and beating competitors
  • Managing trials
  • Establishing real closing events
  • How to forecast and manage pipeline


After the webinar participants should;

  • have a taste of what worked for salesforce.com
  • have a few ideas of how to face the challenges of scaling
  • be able to identify some structural barriers to growth

Lessons from the early days of salesforce.com setting up and growing to multi-billion dollar revenues. 

This webinar is delivered by a former Salesforce.com VP of EMEA and explains how salesforce.com set up for growth.


Massive results can be achieved when inside sales applies the best elements of enterprise selling and enterprise sales teams have the process discipline of inside sales.
— Fiachra, CEO PipelineCheck.com

Inside Sales Director Series – Gamification

October 15, 2015 @ 11:00 - 14:00

How do you motivate and increase the productivity of an already highly optimized inside sales team?


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