Talking about sales and gamification

It is always great to see a lot of interest in sales and gamification in Ireland.  There was another well attended event in Dublin this month organised by Entanon and hosted in One Grand Canal Square. When one of Europe's biggest networking organisers for entrepreneurs and Bank of Ireland get behind something you know that it is a hot topic! 

Entanon runs great sessions across Europe for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs.  I was delighted to speak at one in Dublin this month and post this video to give a flavour for the event.

Most of the attendees were not from a sales background so it was covering a lot in an hour or so.

The key points were;

- listen, listen, listen !

- stick to the truth when selling

- articulate the positive points 

- positive points are only positive for the listener when they address a requirement that the potential buyer has.

- gamification works when it is driving behaviours that impact goal achievement

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