Transform sales using salesforce.com right


Sales Transformation through Salesforce.com


What went wrong?

You want to transform sales using salesforce.com but not expressing the strategy clearly in salesforce.com means you have a muddled configuration and muddled usage by the sales organisation.

We can help you to clarify how you you are going to transform sales performance using salesforce.com and then get people working together to do that.

You get the industry accolades for having a top performing sales organisation and everyone wants to know your secret.

Everyone hates the way salesforce.com is being used. At this stage, you feel dejected. You're afraid it is your fault that it is not delivering value. You're wondering if you are capable of getting the sales organisation aligned on salesforce.com. 

It is wrong that the simple benefits of a CRM system are being denied to the sales organisation by the over-complication of core functionality by people who want it to seem complicated.


We’ve seen businesses of all sizes struggle to align sales strategy to salesforce.com. We’ve seen some monstrous implementations that nobody is happy with and that people are afraid to tackle now. We’ve seen implementation partners run rings around sales leaders who are struggling to get value from salesforce.com.  

PipelineCheck was founded by a former VP of Salesforce.com EMEA to help businesses transform their sales performance. We’ve worked with large and small companies (O2, Three, LDC, Group BC, Comms Plus). We can help get back on track in days rather than months.


Three Step Transformation

1. the strategy

We will help you to define and state your sales strategy in salesforce.com terms so that you use your CRM system to transform sales performance.

2. Drive Performance together

We will help to get the sales organisation to understand the strategy and how everyone will work together to make it happen within salesforce.com.

3. Eliminate problems

We will identify and help to get rid of configuration problems that get in the way of sales transformation. We will make it simpler to use.



PipelineCheck Promise

We keep secrets.

We keep it simple. 

We get you on track in days.

We don't look for configuration work.

We’re all working together; that’s the secret.
— Sam Walton


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